Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little White House

Warm Springs, GA

Today the Little White House is part of Georgia's state park system and is open to visitors; it’s been preserved to look almost exactly as it did the day FDR died. Items on display at the facility, besides the Unfinished Portrait, include his customized 1938 Ford convertible (in the bottom floor of the garage/servant house) and his stagecoach.

This was made in Japan


Winston said...

Several years ago I bought some custom miniatures of our home and church. I think I ordered them through a Southern Living catalog. As I remember, I paid $50-$60 for them. They are pieces of wood cut in the shape of the building, painted from a photograph. Then on the back is the name and date of the structure. Anyone hae an idea of where I might find these? Winston Skinner

Will said...

I have no idea but I just saw this Snow Globe House

jabroon piece said...

sustainable construction
Its looks amazing.I think this is the home that I want to have. This looks like a lovely investment!